Udaariyaan 14th November 2021 Written Update


Udaariyaan 14th November 2021 Written Update

Udaariyaan 14th November 2021 Written Update.

Udaariyaan 14th November 2021 Written Update:

Udaariyaan 14th November 2021 Written Update.

Upcoming episode of Udriya is going to be very interesting Upcoming episodes will see a lot of high voltage drama In the coming episodes you will see that a new twist has come in the serial Udriyaan as Tejo agrees to marry Angad. have given

And all this is a game of Tejo, we had told you this report earlier also here Tejo has said yes to marry Angad Maan, while on the other hand Tejo has also explained to Angad Mann that he is going to marry a lie. will do

Because it is very important for Fateh and Jasmine to get married and along with it it is also very important for them to get the blessings of elders, now in such a situation that Angat Mann is supporting Tejo.

Now let us tell you that Khushveer Singh comes to know that his daughter Tejo has given yes to marry Angat Maang, then he will go to Angat Mann and talk and Angat Maan will also say yes.

Now the fun will come when Tejo and Angad Maan's mandap will be right next to the wedding mandap of Fateh and Jasmine.
Let us tell you here that Tejo and Angad will be engaged, Khushveer Singh will speak in front of Fateh and Jasmine.

Both Jasmine and Fateh will be blown away after hearing this Fateh will be completely surprised that Tejo and Angad's mandap is decorated next to her wedding mandap.

Now it is interesting to see which twists come in the marriage, we will update you soon, hope you will like this information.

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