Udariyaan 13th September 2021 Written Update


Udariyaan 13th September 2021 Written Update

Udariyaan 13th September 2021 Written Update.

Udariyaan 13th September 2021 Written Update

Udariyaan 13th September 2021 Written Update Today Full Episode.

The upcoming episode of Serial Udariyaan is going to be very interesting. In the upcoming episode of Serial Udaariyan, you will see that Tejo has come as a daughter to Khushveer Singh's house where she has to stay at home because of her grandmother because her grandmother has promised her. Have taken that if she leaves this house then I will never be able to forgive myself

And there is also a fear that grandma may not get heart attack once again, so at the behest of time and Khushveer Singh said that I will make you my daughter and bring me home and will keep Fateh was your husband from us. You didn't have any relation so Tejo has decided to stay here

And then Tejo brings the goods in the house and says tell me which is my room Papa ji's then Khushveer Singh says that daughter you will stay in your room

Fateh gets very angry after hearing this and says papa I don't love Tejo so how will I stay in that room I love Jasmine

 Here Khushveer Singh says that I have given my decision, Tejo will stay in the same room and whoever wants to go can go, in such a situation, Fateh is very angry and he takes Jasmine's hand and walks out of that room.

And Tejo is watching all this, now it is interesting to see that Jasmine, Tejo is face to face while both are sisters, where Jasmine wants her hand, needs room and this house also needs responsibility, the same Tejo will speak to Jasmine if she wants everything. make a place in the heart

The upcoming episodes are going to be very interesting, what do you all think, do comment and tell, hope you all like this information.

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