Udaariyaan 7 September 2021 Written Update


Udaariyaan 7 September 2021 Written Update

Udaariyaan 7 September 2021 Written Update
Udaariyaan 7 September 2021 Written Update

Udaariyaan 7 September 2021 Written Update Jasmine And Fateh Or Tejo.

The upcoming episode of serial Udaariyan is going to be very special.

In the upcoming episode of Udaariyaan you all will see that first Tejo calls Jasmine and Fateh to teach her a lesson and reveals all the secrets of their deception, then Fateh understands that the party in which these people were doing gimmicks. Tejo was also present in the party

After this, Fateh, who is, I am very much embarrassed, but to hide his lies, he talks in reverse with Tejo and Fateh will say that yes we love people, what have you done, you have also cheated me Tejo.

Let us tell you that Tejo wants to get the truth out of these two and both of them spew the truth from their mouth, so Tejo has also picked up the gun, now Tejo's decision will be that she will leave these two alone and go somewhere.

To start a new life of hers because Tejo has the idea that someone else's thing cannot be made her own, she goes to him someday so Fateh who is she belongs to Jasmine and she can't make it her own Is

In such a situation, she will leave these two and go out of the house alone, although the whole family will try to stop her and Tejo will not listen to anyone but Fateh's father will even tell Fateh that if you bring Jasmine in the house then you will also lose the right to be a son

And the truth of Jasmine will also be known to her family members and what she was doing with Gippy, today she is doing with Fateh i.e. she is cheating on both of them, this truth will also come out.

But Tejo's family will not remain silent, she will be seen taking a big step to save Tejo's house and she will bring Jasmine's black sheet in front of everyone that Jasmine had burnt her father's passport and not her father's and whatever Gippy had said, slowly. slowly coming true

It means to say that in this week's episode of upcoming Udaariyan you are going to see very big dramas and jhola where you will see a different form of tejo, hope you will enjoy knowing this and tell by commenting.

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