Udaariyaan 12th September 2021 Written Update


Udaariyaan 12th September 2021 Written Update

Udaariyaan 12th September 2021 Written Update.

Udaariyaan 12th September 2021 Written Update

Udaariyaan 12th September 2021 Written Update Full Episode.

The upcoming episode of Udaariyan is going to be very interesting as well. In Udariyaan serial, you saw how Jasmine leaves Fateh because Fateh's mother is holding Fateh's hand here.

And says Fateh you will not go from here, if anyone goes then she will go to Jasmine and Jasmine could not bear her humiliation and she leaves from there but here Fateh goes back and forth again and here Jasmine gets an accident. Lokin Fateh feels that Jasmine has committed suicide

After which Fateh lifts Jasmine in his lap and brings him back to the house where Khushveer Singh, who is there, refuses and says that under any circumstances this girl will not come inside the house and before this Khushveer Singh takes Tejo home. went and refused

 And said that from today you are my daughter so no one will tell you anything in that house and you can walk with me who had refused but now you will see in the coming episodes that

Both Fateh and Jasmine will be standing inside the door but Khushveer Singh will not let them in and here will be the biggest twist, this twist will be the one who is Dadi, they will have a heart attack and when Dadi gets a heart attack, Fateh will come inside the house with Jasmine. will go

And then Fateh will take great care of Dadi and only then Fateh's sister will make a video call to Tejo and will say that Dadi has suffered a heart attack and may even lose her life, then Tejo will be very nervous and Tejo will run to her in-laws' house because Grandmother was repeatedly taking Tejo's name

And Tejo has come in the house, then both Jasmine and Fateh are watching her, now a new twist will also come out in the story. In the coming episodes you will see that Tejo and Jasmine will be face to face in the room where Tejo was staying. will throw things

And you will also see in the coming episodes that Fateh who is he will give the divorce paper to Tejo, now what do you all think by commenting, hope you will like this information.

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