Nima Denzongpa 9 September 2021 Update


Nima Denzongpa 9 September 2021 Update

Nima Denzongpa 9 September 2021 Update
Nima Denzongpa 9 September 2021 Update

Nima Denzongpa 9 September 2021 Update.

Friends, Nima's troubles in Nima Denzongpa are not taking the name of the end, friends Nima Denzongpa's new promo has come out and a lot has been told in it, let us tell you the complete update that what will be special in the upcoming episode

Nima Denzongpa In the upcoming episode you will see that Neema who is surrounded by many problems and problems are arising in front of her one after the other.

After Neema's marriage, Suresh's family never got the love that a daughter-in-law should have from Suresh's family. Nema started hating and hatred also started increasing.

The same friends also saw that Suresh gets married for the second time and he also gets a boy from another wife, after which Nima gets harassed even more and the paintbrush conspires and throws the rules out of the house.

All friends, in the new promo of this serial that has been launched, you are seeing that Neema, who is she is looking for her baby girl and asking people about her baby girl, while asking, she reaches the hospital.

On the other hand, friends are seen that Manya is also in the hospital and Hon'ble's head is also bandaged and the same friends got to see that as long as Neema's eyes fell on her baby girl, she would sit in the car and go with someone. had been

Although Neema runs behind that car and finds her daughter and Manya opens that car and hugs her mother, friends Manya has got it but now what will happen in Neema's life in the coming episodes.

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