Health Records, Personal Health Record .

Health Records, Personal Health Record .

Health Records, Personal Health Record:

A personal health record (PHR) is a collection of information about your health. This is different from an electronic medical record (EMR) or electronic health record (EHR) maintained by your healthcare provider.

Health Records, Personal Health Record

The PHR Health Records, Personal Health Record is a document that you manage, which you compile, update, and maintain. It can only be a folder full of papers, but more and more people are turning to e-health registration systems. They store health information online in a safe place that you can access at any time

Why do i need it Health Records, Personal Health Record 

You will be asked to provide your health history each time you go on vacation, call healthcare providers, or seek treatment. This information is difficult to remember. Having PHR (Health Records, Personal Health Record) on hand means that you know the answer when you ask when your last tetanus or dose of medicine was.

PHR (Health Records, Personal Health Record) can save you even in an emergency. Consider this example. Will your partner be able to answer your health history  If you have questions about the emergency health care provider at work or traveling with friends? It is difficult to remember possible life-saving information during a crisis. PHR (Health Records, Personal Health Record) may work for you.

Health Records, Personal Health Record  how does it work?

You create (PHR) Health Records, Personal Health Record, online through your preferred system, then print or record a copy on your web-enabled device for submission to your healthcare provider. Some online (PHR)Health Records, Personal Health Record systems may be available automatically by medical staff. If you faint in an emergency or are unable to use your notes, others will offer a printed ID card with a password.

Health Records, Personal Health Record How do i make one?

Start with your medical care. Many offer an online (PHR) ealth Records, Personal Health Record tool on their website. However, you should make sure that if you need to change the insurance company, you can transfer your information.

Other PHRs are online systems. Microsoft Healthvault is free. You can create an account on the Mayo Clinic website.

What type of information should I include in my (PHR) Health Records, Personal Health Record?

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The names and addresses of their healthcare providers addresses telephone numbers, which include dentists and specialists in their dentists.

Տեղեկություններ Health insurance information, such as your insurance company's name number, service phone number

current medicine dosage

Allergic substances (food, medicine և other substances)

, Important events in your family history, hereditary conditions

Procedures List of major diseases List Surgical: Dates

From the results of the last visit to the doctors

✔ significant test results; Eye related dental records, vaccination records

✔ Include any information you want to know about your health, such as exercise, any medication you are taking without medication or herbs, may any advice you may have.

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